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Ambrose Bowles - The designer at OHDAs an aspiring designer from very early-on, I bring several levels to the design of my custom homes. I believe that it is vitally important to choose a vocation that brings success and fulfillment to every day of your life. I’m happy to say that I’ve achieved this in the development of my company, Original Home Designs Ltd.

You can be assured that I will bring a passion to the design of your new home that will match, if not exceed, your own devotion to the project. Additionally, you want to be sure that the company you hire to fulfill your dream will be a good fit for you. I pride myself in designing with my clients, not for my clients. I listen to your requirements; encourage you to provide me with a well thought-out portfolio of pictures, lists of ideas and requirements; and strive to deliver a final product that will make your decision to build a successful one.

Experience by Design

My experience comes from over six years of designing homes in and around Kamloops, BC. While traditional wood-frame construction is the predominant method of building homes in Kamloops, my designs have utilized many other traditional and alternative methods of construction. Such methods include: post and beam, ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms), and log home construction. I’m also familiar with steel-frame and straw bale construction.

Designer and Builder

An additional perspective that I bring to the design table is my experience in the field of custom home construction. While it makes for a busy work day, in addition to my time in the office, I also work on the job site 5 days out of the week constructing homes from the ground up. I believe that hands-on experience is an invaluable asset to the design of my homes.

With this building experience my clients see the benefits in the ease at which I am able to develop design solutions to fulfill their spatial and aesthetic requirements. I am also able provide a realistic view on the cost of certain design ideas. I believe that if you don’t know how to construct a home, then you certainly should not be designing one.

I hope that you will take your time in making your way through this web site. There are many new developments still to be made to the site, but there are also some invaluable resources that may prove educational in your search for information on the home building industry. Thank–you for taking the time to consider Original Home Designs Ltd. for the completion of your building project!

Ambrose Bowles – Building Designer/Journeyman Carpenter

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