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If you are planning to build a new home, Original Home Designs Ltd. is a great place to start. Ambrose, your designer, has developed a multi-faceted portfolio ranging from multi-million dollar vacation homes to quaint, urban bungalows designed to compliment the lifestyles and budgets of their individual inhabitants.

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Residential Services

  • Full Provincial Building Code Analysis on Building Envelope
  • Municipal & Regional By-law & Regulation Review
  • Building Scheme Review (Documentation to be provided by client)
  • Drawing Set
    • Site Plan with General Notes
    • Foundation/Crawlspace/Basement Plan
    • Floor Plan(s)
    • Roof Plan(s)
    • Elevations
    • Sections
    • Electrical Plans
  • Permit/Tender Process Review
  • Contractor Recommendations
  • Detailed Design Process
    • Initial Consultation
      • Building Style
      • Project Location
      • Project Size
      • Project Budget
      • Preliminary Building Envelope
    • Issuance of Design Proposal
      • Estimated Design Fees
      • Project Scope Outlined
      • Indication of possible Engineering requirements
      • Estimated Design Schedule
    • Payment of Retainer
      • $500.00 non-refundable fee for retention of services outlined in the design proposal
    • Commencement of Home Design
      • Begin conceptual floor plan layouts based on initial consultation
    • Intermittent Design Consultations
      • Coordinate Direction of Design
    • Issuance of Preliminary Drawings for Review
      • Final Check of Working Drawings
    • Payment of remaining Design Fees
    • Issuance of Working Drawings for Permit & Construction
    • Coordination with General Contractor when required
    • Recommendation of Engineering professionals if required
    • Continued communication during the Construction Process is requested and recommended
      • All situations requiring solutions caused by variance from the drawings
        or from unclear instruction on the drawings, occurring on the job site
        during construction, are encouraged to be shared by this office for
        suggestions and/or support in finding a solution for the given
      • A record of pertinent information
        during the construction process, concerning the construction of your
        new home, may be requested of you, the client, by this office. Your
        privacy and anonymity will be respected at all times and you have the
        right to refuse to aqueous to this request at any time.

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