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CHBA-TRU Training House Award
As the draw date approaches and the finishing touches are put on the 2009 Kamloops YMCA-YWCA Dream Home, a gathering of Platinum & Diamond level sponsors for this years’ project met for an evening of music, drinks and conversation at the build site. Along side many other community minded Kamloops businesses, I was proud to accept this plaque on behalf of Original Home Designs for our Diamond level sponsorship in the donation of the Dream Home design. In addition to being the largest and most elaborate Dream Home to date, the preliminary energy efficiency analysis of the home determined that this design, in conjunction with the methods and materials used to build the home, netted this project a Platinum Built Green™ standing. Congratulations to everyone involved!
If you’d like to view this home, it’s open every Saturday & Sunday from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm until June 28th, 2009 or when tickets sell out.  The home is located at 1910 Ironwood Street in Sun Rivers. You can’t miss it!
2009 Kamloops YMCA-YWCA Dream Home

Kamloops Energy Fair

May 25th, 2008, 10am-5pm- Check out Kamloops’ BCSEA’s 2nd annual energy fair being held at McArthur Island Sports Centre. This diverse fair hosts all types of businesses and associations related to energy saving products and services from small independent home designers to energy advisors to multi-national car companies flogging their eco-friendly product lines. A very focused theme, I recommend anyone interested in eco-friendly practices to take the time to attend this event.  A keynote speaker will be presenting at 1:00pm, so schedule your visit around this time. See http://www.bcsea.org/energyfair/ for more details.

New OHD Website

When I began my company in 2006, I wrote and designed my company web site. This site performed its function at the beginning, but it has always been on the agenda to produce something more professional and indicative of the level of work we produce here at Original Home Designs. Over the years, a friend of mine and local business owner, Steve, of Axemedia, has provided me with invaluable advice on how to tailor my site content to better attract search engines such as Google in order to increase traffic on my site. His input has been the reason why my site has been successfully viewed by thousands of potential new home builders. So, when it came time to re-invent Original Home Designs’ image and create a truly inspired web site, Steve was who I contacted.

I’m Impressed! The site really portrays the image I want to present for Original Home Designs. It does a better job of displaying the information on the site and has a great navigational structure. With new pages dedicated to my particular services it should help attract more search engine traffic from a wider range of keywords.

An exciting new component to the site is this design blog. I plan to use the blog to write about developments in home building technologies available in British Columbia, environmental friendly building practices, and other topics relevant in today’s building industry. I’ll showcase newly completed projects here as well.

The impetus behind the web site was our new logo design. Our goal was to create an image that was unique, simplistic, and would stand the test of time. We are extremely pleased with the result.

Overall, I’m really pumped that Steve, and his expertise in Localized Search Optimization, was able to visualize what I had imagined for my new site. Enjoy!

The Old Site

The old OHD website

The New Site

The New Website

Thank You Steve

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